libSmarties  1.3.1
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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
smarties::SmartiesWidget Class Reference

#include <SmartiesWidgets.h>

Public Member Functions

 std::tr1::function (handler)
 SmartiesWidget (int uid, int type, std::string lab, float posx, float posy, float width, float height)
void cleanUpCheckedItems ()

Data Fields

int uid
int type
int visibility
std::string label
std::string labelOn
std::vector< std::string > items
float posx
float posy
float width
float height
bool on
std::string * text
bool cancel
int slider_value
int item
std::vector< bool > checked_items
int touch_action
float bx
float by
int clicked
bool dirty
int pid
int font_size

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

smarties::SmartiesWidget::SmartiesWidget ( int  uid,
int  type,
std::string  lab,
float  posx,
float  posy,
float  width,
float  height 

Member Function Documentation

void smarties::SmartiesWidget::cleanUpCheckedItems ( )
smarties::SmartiesWidget::std::tr1::function ( handler  )

Field Documentation

float smarties::SmartiesWidget::bx
float smarties::SmartiesWidget::by
bool smarties::SmartiesWidget::cancel
std::vector<bool> smarties::SmartiesWidget::checked_items
int smarties::SmartiesWidget::clicked
bool smarties::SmartiesWidget::dirty
int smarties::SmartiesWidget::font_size
float smarties::SmartiesWidget::height
int smarties::SmartiesWidget::item
std::vector<std::string> smarties::SmartiesWidget::items
std::string smarties::SmartiesWidget::label
std::string smarties::SmartiesWidget::labelOn
bool smarties::SmartiesWidget::on
int smarties::SmartiesWidget::pid
float smarties::SmartiesWidget::posx
float smarties::SmartiesWidget::posy
int smarties::SmartiesWidget::slider_value
std::string* smarties::SmartiesWidget::text
int smarties::SmartiesWidget::touch_action
int smarties::SmartiesWidget::type
int smarties::SmartiesWidget::uid
int smarties::SmartiesWidget::visibility
float smarties::SmartiesWidget::width

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